Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chord #29 - AbminMaj7(9)


For today's chord I chose a relatively uncommon guitar key - Abmin. The chord uses two stacked perfect 5ths starting on the Ab and the open G and B strings.

The stacked perfect fifths is sometimes referred to as the Andy Summers chord (he used it a lot when he played guitar for The Police). It is also the first chord in the Dave Matthews Band song "Satellite".

I combined this chordal idea with the open strings to create a new voicing for today! This concept of twisting the familiar is something I learned from Steve Rochinski - one of the teachers I studied with when I was in Boston.

For the musical example, I played a Brazilian-inspired chord accompaniment. This could be an introduction or even as part of a main section of a song.


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Evgueni Naverniouk said...

This one's great. The 6x6700 to 5x5600 is perfect!

I prefer to play it as 4685xx though :)

Thanks for posting these. The tab version and the sound clips really help tremendously.

Az Samad said...

You're welcome. Glad you like it and find the tab and audio examples helpful!

4785xx would definitely be a great idea for the major key version of this progression! In fact - that would be the exact voicing Andy Summers used for Every Breath You Take.