Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chord #68 - CMaj7(no 3rd)


Today's chord is similar to Chord #30 and Chord #65. In today's voicing, I avoided the 3rd of the chord therefore making it usable for both CMajor7 and Cminor(Maj7).

In the musical example, I played a repeating 3-3-2 picking pattern which is a very common rhythmic device particularly in rock (think of the piano part for the Coldplay song - Clocks). It is also used a lot in the music of New Orleans.

The chord progression implied is CMaj7-EbMaj7-BbMaj7-DbMaj7. In the jazz world, using one chord quality throughout a section of a song is referred to as using a 'constant structure'. It is also a great compositional device that is very friendly to guitarists.


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