Monday, July 11, 2011

Blues Comping #1: Drop-2 Voicings for the I7 and IV7


For this week, I've decided to continue exploring Dominant Chords. Today, we're looking at one chord quality (Dominant 7th) in one voicing type (Drop-2) within the context of a Bb Jazz Blues progression! In this first installment, we're looking at all the Drop-2 inversions of Bb7 and Eb7 within the inner four strings of the guitar (A-D-G-B).

For now, play the voicings as written and get comfortable moving from voicing to voicing. Be sure of the fingering that you want to use and plan each movement so that the transition is smooth. Although I've written the example in Bb, try playing the voicings in all twelve keys to really learn it.

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Sid De La Cruz said...

Very Hip chords Az.

- Sid D.

Az Samad said...

Thank you Sid! Stay tuned, I'll be covering basic voicings for the rest of the standard Jazz Blues progression this week!