Monday, July 18, 2011

Blues Comping #5: Chorus #1 (measures 5 - 8)


For today's lesson, we'll focus on the middle four measures of the twelve bar Jazz Blues progression. In a basic Blues progression, measures five and six usually stay on the IV7 chord but a very common variation is to insert a #IVo7 passing chord to lead back into the I7 usually in the form of I7/5 (a second inversion I7 chord) just like the example here.

I've used the same Drop-2 diminished voicing that was introduced in Blues Comping #3. However, here the chord functions as a diminished chord as opposed to the alternative function of being a rootless Dom7(b9) voicing (as it appears in measure eight).

After memorizing this example, play Blues Comping #4 and Blues Comping #5 back to back to hear how the first eight measures of this first full chorus example sounds like. Experiment comping with different rhythms, articulation, note duration and space. 


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