Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blues Comping #7: Rhythms (on the beat)


Today's lesson is the first one touching on comping rhythms that we can use to practice material from Blues Comping #1-6. For this first example, I've chosen rhythms that fall on the beat. Example A1 is the basic comping rhythm on beats one and three. Example A2 is a displaced version of A1 with the rhythmic attacks falling on beat two and four. Example B1 is another rhythm falling on beats one and two. Example B2, B3 and B4 are displacements of the B1 moving the rhythm one beat at a time. B2 starts on beat two, B3 on beat three and B4 starts on beat four though now it appears like a new rhythm since the longer rhythmic attack is on beat one.

Practice suggestions: Pick one of the rhythms and play the entire blues chorus (from Blues Comping #4 to #6) with that one rhythm. Alternatively, you can write a combination of the rhythms as a rhythmic etude. Since there are six rhythms here, use each rhythm twice to create a twelve measure rhythm etude. You can also practice material from Blues Comping #1-3 with these rhythms to develop more flexibility with the material.


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Anonymous said...

thnkyouuuuuu bro ! at last jumpa kt urbanscapes itu hari =) - efryarwis

Az Samad said...

You're welcome Efry! Thank you so much for checking out the blog. Do let me know if you have any chord types/progressions/topic you'd like me to cover in future posts!