Monday, August 1, 2011

Dylan Kay Lesson #1: Drop 2&4 Voicings


[From Az]
This week, I'm very happy to present a series of lesson by British guitarist-educator Dylan Kay. I talked to Dylan about a month ago about the possibility of him contributing a few lessons and was happy when he sent me a five-part lesson on Drop 2 & 4 voicings! I'm a fan of these sounds myself so when I received them, I too started practicing them! I hope you will enjoy the lessons too!

[From Dylan Kay]
The objective of this short series of lessons is to derive some great-sounding extended voicings for a II V I in the key of F major (Gm7 - C7 - Fmaj7). We are going to superimpose Drop 2 & 4 voicings to do this.

So first of all, “what’s a Drop 2 & 4 voicing?” Well, these are found by taking close-voiced inversions and dropping the 2nd and 4th notes from the top by an octave. (Similar to constructing Drop 2 voicings).

Shown above are root position and first inversion voicings for a Cmaj7 chord. Check out the notation to see how the Drop 2 & 4 voicings come from close voicings. You will notice you end up with 4 notes spread across 5 strings, “split” in the middle.

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Tomorrow : Lesson #2 - BbMaj7

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