Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dylan Kay Lesson #5 - II V I in F Major


[From Dylan Kay]
Here are two examples of the superimpositions we have been studying. You may want to record the bass notes G, C and F to play these superimposed chords over, or even better get someone else to play the bass notes while you play the chords.

Also, try just playing the top 3 notes of each voicing…

Try and use the other voicings from the previous lessons to come up with some more II V I superimpositions of your own. You could also experiment with playing all the given voicings on strings 6,5,3,2.

[From Az]
And this concludes our five part lesson series featuring British guitarist-educator Dylan Kay! Stay tuned next week for new lessons from me!

If you're just joining us here at A Chord A Day, here are links to the other four lessons in this five-part series by Mr. Kay:

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Lesson #4 : Am7


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