Monday, February 25, 2008

Chord #3 - A7 (#9/13)


This chord is a rootless dominant chord voicing. You could include the root by playing an open A string before playing the chord. It's another rather dissonant voicing - it has three dissonant intervals:

1)a harsh major 7th interval between the low C# and higher C
2)a tritone between the C and F#
3)a minor 2nd between the F# and G

These kind of chords work best as punctuation at the end of a phrase. Also, I find that the more dissonant the chord - the better it works as an arpeggiated texture - in this case, to me - it sounds mysterious and dark when played as arpeggio.

The line is based around three 3 chord shapes and ends with a major 7th interval.


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