Friday, March 14, 2008

Chord #21 - CminMaj7(9)


This is a chord that can be derived from either the C Harmonic Minor or the C Melodic Minor scale. It is a very stretchy voicing (a tough one to finger - with the four fret span between the 3rd fret 2 string barre and the other part of the voicing on the 8th fret). Be careful when you try to play this! I played it by holding my guitar almost vertically (guitar neck up high) in the way that John Stowell typically plays. This is to facilitate the challenging stretch of this chord shape.

For the line, I played a very intervallic line (all from the C Melodic Minor scale) utilizing all six strings followed by two arpeggios - D minor and C minor and ended on the 6th of Cmin.


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