Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chord #25 - Fadd9


This chord is a great multi-use chord. In this example, I used it as a Fadd9 chord but the voicing could easily be also used as a Dmin(add11) or a G7sus4(9). The chord melody phrase that I wrote uses the chord as part of a Gmin7-C7-FMaj7 progression. To get the F bass note on the 6th string, I used my right hand index finger to tap it.


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Evgueni Naverniouk said...

I love this one. And the melody phrase you provided is a lot of fun to improvise with. It's like an entire song right there.

Az Samad said...

Hi Evgueni,

Yup, I love the melody too - there's a lot of different ideas that you can extract from this example and I'm very happy you're having fun improvising with it.