Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chord #47 - E+6(9#11)


Today's chord is a stretchy chord - which means I played it with the guitar neck facing toward the ceiling (vertical). I would suggest warming up before attempting this voicing and to always exercise care and caution.

In the words of Mick Goodrick - "No pain is the way to go" or better yet, no hint of pain at all. If you hands are uncomfortable, try this voicing with just the top 4 strings.

For the musical example, I played the chord as a funk-style arpeggio phrase mixing up muted notes and notes that were left ringing (the 16th note line on the fourth beat of the first bar. An alternative fingering for this phrase would be playing the first 3 fretted notes on the 3rd and 4th string and then grabbing the chord shape in the last beat of the first bar.


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Evgueni Naverniouk said...

Umm.. I can't even get close to playing that chord. Are you using a nylon guitar, or an electric or something?

Az Samad said...

Yes, it's a tough chord to play! An alternative is to just play the the 6th string bass and the top 4 strings. I angle my 4th finger leaning to the left to get the stretch for this alternate version.

I'm using a nylon string guitar - it has a smaller neck width than typical classical guitars. That helps a lot!

Take care Evgueni and thank you again for the comment!


Anonymous said...

great stuff, do you ever use alternate tunings ???

Az Samad said...

Thank you!

Yes, I do - I play in Drop D, DADGAD and sometimes CGDGAD.

I like DADGAD and standard tuning the most though. You can listen to some of my songs in DADGAD in my YouTube videos - Train To Ericland, The C Factor and Berjalan Bersamamu are in DADGAD. (