Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chord #88 - G7b5(13)


Today's chord is a 6-note dominant voicing. Though more sparsely used in most modern jazz settings (smaller 3 to 4 note voicings are more common), these kind of chords are great to use in ballads and solo settings.

For more examples of these kind of chords, check out recordings by Tal Farlow. For notated examples, check out Steve Rochinski's The Jazz Style of Tal Farlow (Hal Leonard). Steve studied with Tal and his book has a very insightful section on Tal's chordal language.

For my musical example today, I played a Dmin9/G and then today's chord. This could be used in an intro leading to a song that starts on C Major.


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Antonio Ciccarone said...

I really like the feeling of this one. It reminds me of a jazz intro to somewhere over the rainbow. it's very sexy.

Anonymous said...

Hey! i just discovered you. Very nice indeed. Keep em coming :-)