Sunday, July 24, 2011

5 Ways to Practice A Chord A Day!

Today, I've decided to share five ways you can practice the chords in this blog and the ones you discover too! Most of these will essentially create a week or more of practice ideas from a single A Chord A Day lesson. Here they are:

1. Play the voicing in all twelve keys

Some voicings might be difficult (or impossible) because of the use of open strings or the stretches involved in fretting the chord. Should this be the case, try playing a simplified version of the chord by omitting one or more notes. Sometimes, the same voicing might be playable in a different key by using a different fingering. Keep an open mind and experiment!

2. Arpeggiate the chord

A chords sound different when arpeggiated differently, other moods might take over. Try different right hand fingerstyle patterns and textures!

3. Put it in a chord progression/song

Do you have a favorite chord progression? Try putting the voicing of the day into that context and find other chords that would voice-lead well into and out from the voicing of choice. If you have a favorite song, try using the same voicing for the chord type everytime it appears in the song, regardless of key!

4. Write a song

Sometimes a chord can invoke an entire song! Try using your new voicing in a song of your own. This is a great way to practice it as well as keep it in your long-term chord vocabulary!

5. Combine different days together

Pick two or three random days from #1-#88 (The first series of A Chord A Day) and see whether you can make up a chord progression, line or any musical idea that uses two or more of the voicings in one context! This can be both fun and challenging. I'm going to do this right after this!!


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