Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blues Comping #3: Drop-2 Voicings for the V7(b9)/II and related II-7(b5)


In the third installment of Blues Comping, we're looking at two chords that really adds more Jazz flavor into the Blues progression. In this context, the G7(b9) functions as a secondary dominant that leads into the II-7. The voicing here is a rootless voicing which makes it possible for the chord to also be viewed simply as a Drop-2 diminished 7th voicing.

In the next few lessons, we'll start combining all the voicings we've looked at into complete Jazz Blues choruses. To prepare for this, make sure you practice the voicings as much as possible so that it becomes comfortable. We'll also be playing the same voicings in different keys in future examples, so get a head start by doing that now.


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