Friday, July 8, 2011

Chord #108 - G7


To conclude My Top Ten Favorite G7 voicings, here's a root position Drop 2 + 4 type G7 voicing. On guitar, Drop 2 voicing and Drop 3 voicings are the most commonly used, but Drop 2 + 4 can be a fresh sound since not too many guitarists use them in comping.

For the musical example, I played a line that consists of arpeggiating the today's chord of the day, a root position G Major triad, a FMaj7(b5) chord (in this context functioning as G7(9/13) (no root) and finally descending a perfect fourth interval of G to D to complete the line. This is a way fun way to combine multiple voicings in a linear fashion - something that can be an interesting way of developing lines to complement more scalar or bebop Jazz vocabulary.

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