Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chord #33 - FMaj7(no 3rd)


This chord uses a minor 2nd interval in the voicing to create a beautiful effect when arpeggiated. The chord does not contain the 3rd, so it can be used for both an FMaj7 or a FminMaj7 chord.

For the musical example, I played a I-VI-IV-V progression: FMaj7-Dmin7(11)-BbMaj7(#11)-C7(9)-C(add4).

This example reminds me of Joe Satriani's Always with Me, Always With You arpeggio guitar part. I can picture this example being used to accompany a soloist during an open improvised section.


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Unknown said...

What a fantastic blog!

Az Samad said...

Thank you Kevin!

Glad you like it.

Best Regards,
Az Samad

Evgueni Naverniouk said...

Yeah, it really is a great blog. And I really enjoy it when you demonstrate the chords with a progression of some sort, because I get to learn chords from that too. Like the x5x563 one from here, which is great too.

Az Samad said...

Hi Evgueni,

Yes, I love that minor 7 voicing a lot! Another favorite of mine is x5x553 which is a C/D. This one works for both minor and dominant sus4 chords.

I'm happy that you enjoy the blog!