Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chord #34 - Gmin7(9/13)

This chord was inspired when I was reading a forum discussion on outside playing.


The chord is an example of a voicing using diatonic 4th intervals in G Dorian. These kind of voicings work great for modal compositions such as Miles Davis's So What and other tunes that stay on one chord for an extended period.

For the musical example, I started the phrase by playing the root note and then continued with a line with notes outside my tonality of choice (G Dorian).

The first two beats outlines a B Major triad and B sus triad that leads into a Gmin7(9) arpeggio. In the next bar, I played today's chord by approaching it a half step higher and then lower before resolving it and hitting the bass note again. This is a common way to create interest while using one chord shape.


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